Life as a video game

In many ways life can be thought like you would with a videogame, the game of reality. There are various things that come to mind when drawing this comparison.

What freedom means

Life clearly doesn’t play in clear rules, rules in games comes in form it limitations on the capability, deliberate to create the game experience or just limitations of the system but limitations. Because of that we could say that there are two levels of game-y abstraction for life. The game of society and the game of existence.

In terms of real comparison the closest one to a game is the game of existence. It is way more free than the society one, its rigged by real rules, scientific ones. We may be pretty random and complex but our body and existence follows the same rules. From a set of rules you can create complex things bigger than the set of rules itself, like with the game of life.

History as just a means

I don’t have a good record with History as a subject but what it gives it’s pretty clear. History is the story of the world, and as such explains why the things are like they are now. But how should that affect the way we want to go about it or change it? Is it really possible to fix the world without History?


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