Fiction VS Theory

One of the the key difference between theory books and fiction is that fiction has to deal with arches and a fixed narrative that tries to make itself be experimented how it wants, tricking the consumer into thinking how the author wants and touring them into the sensations that the author wants the consumer to feel. This can be used to make a point and stress how it is so important, rather than just telling it and falling flat.

One of my biggest fears is that on making a story that tries to convey that the point has to wait to make itself apparent. A story that doesn’t fall on that one has to make the point in every action it does, cancelling the surprise element and possible contrast on that could be done when changing perspective.

That being said, a factor that could be used to alleviate that is making a reconusme mechanic, the second experience will be enhanced by the first one. This could be done in a apparent way putting things that doesn’t have meaning until they are explained or in a more subtle way like making statement more clear, more complex or just having the arch to the point not be painful. That’s one of my main concerns.


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