My art style explained

As you may know I don’t have a very marked style other than being very angular, simple-shape based and kinda messy. Although it’s not very defined yet it’s characteristic, and I love that.

The style is a direct translation of my understanding about how things work in real life. I’ve used 3D programs way before I started drawing, and although I don’t use 3D programs that often nowadays, the way the poligons work stuck with me in drawing

I think that in the image you can see what I’m talking about. I use cubes to define forms and making more complex forms the same way you would with a 3D mesh and the standard 3D program like Sketchup or Cinema4D (those two where the ones I used back then, now I more of a Blender guy).

That’s on the how to define form part but for how’s my style on other things like faces, bodies and whatnot I don’t a clue of what I want it to look like. For the moment what I have done is either steal styles (it doesn’t go that bad I believe) or just try to draw realistically, but I guess I will just figure that stuff up eventually.

Finally but not least important I don’t know how to rendering really, I’m just the worst when it comes to it. I normally use a weird mix of cell shading with traditional shading depending on what I’m doing and… It’s an utter mess in the end. I don’t know how I will figure that but huh, practice, practice, practice (I certainly don’t do enough of those when it comes to rendering).


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