What’s our obligation, really

As a human being living in a society, multiple questions about whether or not it’s my duty to do certain things or even if it is, if it should be that way, have come across my mind, and I think it’s an important topic to touch on.

Who am I to discuss this topic

Luckily I’m a student. A student, at least in Spain, has some kind of freedom to do whatever they want. Therefore I have the possibility to question this. If I were an adult I would be too busy worrying about making some money to not die or make my parents sad. So that puts me first in the category of an inexperienced kiddo who doesn’t know how to work, second in the position of a student, and finally of someone who people would treat as if its opinion doesn’t matter.

And I think that’s important, to let my voice out like a citizen that I am in the position I am, be treated like I should be treated for who I am and my opinion considered inside its context whatever that means.

(I will expand this idea on another post and put a link to it or something)

The point

Duty is, in fact, a natural or innate condition of the human being as an individual, and it’s only natural that those would emerge from a society or group of humans too, but things start to blur when we start to mix individual and group obligations.

Nothing nor anyone should have the power to dictate what’s the duty of someone on an individual level or to limit its freedom. This can go to ways: freedom to not contribute for a cause that doesn’t benefit us in a direct way and freedom of doing what we want with ourselves.

Our duty inside a society

Freedom to not contribute for a cause that doesn’t benefit us

Implications on basic rights

freedom to not contribute for a cause that doesn’t benefit us

Freedom about ourselves

We should be able to do what we consider better for our own being and carry the responsibility of it.

In education

The school’s work and purpose it’s to prepare students for the real world. That’s it, to give them a base for being capable for being competent and work properly. It doesn’t mean it may be a race to see who gets a job or who doesn’t and a process equal to everyone. The process should adapt itself to the kind of thing the student will be doing at the end. Learning comes with interest, school has to make us interested and make us decide what we want to do, at least until we are ready to make the choice.


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